Terrys hits 2

Man you sure got some good games, but can’t you find one I can win at?.  this ain’t cool, I’m no fool, I got the flow, an I telling u Joe, ease up on a man, kids are makin a like fool outa me.  Got it clobber..ha ha ha

Level up

the quick an the dead. U be the quick

Keep your eye on the yellow ones unless you play the easier version like I do “Well” were not all smarty pants are we ‘huh’


quick think I can’t think on my feet

The link is the photo you see below, It’s a bit fuzzy, like my brain, CLICK on the photograph and play 3D blocks for free as long as you can hold out, or your patents run’s out…Enjoy


Fantastic puzzle, you will be playing this great mind bender for hours, then you will get past level 1 ((( hahahahahahahaha)))

Mahjong this has the most beautifully crafted 3D bricks on the web.  And as for me being a fanatic of this ancient game, I can say with out a lie, “Wow”, some great games I have fade into significance compared to this little rip snorter, ‘well yeah!, they have to drag me away to eat, but I’m back – back into my hidden world


Lovely Graphics a pleasure to play

Dropping bricks is an old game but this in in the now.  Fast and furious, Just don’t drop that slide in the wrong place it makes it even harder to build a Palace.  “!!Careful, don’t let go to early!!”.  You see its all in your timing, when you decide to release the bricks you are holding, I am quite impressed “Wow”..

Tumbling Blocks

This looks easy, well it ain’t, boy when it starts to move you have to have eyes every ware

“Targets”, I get the odd bulls-eye, but not enough to get to level 2, hells bells, mate, Aim straight in that amount of time is near impossible, well for me that is, ha ha ha, go on you see if I’m bluffing and its a walkover, the hell it is.”

Terry Morris games

Steady aim (( FIRE ))

( a jigsaw Puzzle) next

Fall Reflections

Wow what a painting this would make


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